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Everpanthus®- a new generation of Agapanthus for pots, mixed containers and borders from Fairweather’s Nursery

Everpanthus® offer commercial growers the following benefits:

Longer flowering season with repeat reblooming 

High volumes of flower stems 

Year round evergreen leaves with improved vigour, when produced  frost free  

In vitro production for extra uniformity 

Disease and virus free 

All varieties flower at approx. 50cm 

Agapanthus Ever Sapphire, Ever White

Agapanthus 'Ever White'

Pure white. RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM) 

Agapanthus 'Ever Sapphire'


Agapanthus 'Poppin Purple'

Purple. Best new perennial IPM 2019 

Agapanthus 'Poppin Star'

Rich-purple blue.

For consumer marketing we would recommend promoting the following benefits:

Longer flowering season with repeat reblooming 

High volume of flower stems

Dark vigerous evergreen leaves

Will flowere year after year

Survives to -10C, but leaves may be damaged by frost

Heat and drought tolerant

Available in a range of colours

Bred by de Wet Breeders, managed by Plantipptested and introduced by Fairweathers. All plants are protected by Plant Breeders Rights. 

For further availability and growing information please email sharon@fairweathers.co.uk www.fairweathersnursery.co.uk 

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