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Busy Potting

By Sharon Lowndes | 22/05/2014

First outside potting of the year At the nursery we have been busy potting and getting used to our new Javo machine. The old machine may have not  have seen us to the end of the  year so we decided it was time to replace. The new potting machine is working well and we are gradually getting up…

Trollius 'Dancing Flame'

Trollius Dancing Flame at Chelsea

By Shaun Bowen | 21/05/2014

Patrick Fairweather was at Chelsea Flower Show with our new Trollius ‘Dancing Flame’ Bred by Patrick Fairweather, Trollius Dancing Flame is a stunning deciduous perennial being launched at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014. It has large, bright orange flowers with striking upright inner petals that appear to glow in the sunlight. It enjoys sun and…

Ken Rigney

Breeding Winners

By Patrick Fairweather | 24/04/2014

Ken Rigney’ s dedicated efforts have produced many Agapanthus, including Enigma, Bridal Bouquet and most recently Sweet Surprise – a great free-flowering evergreen with a boldly striped flower. Here he is helping us clean up plants in the national collection which will be soon moved outside. Thanks for your help Ken!

What a whopper!

By Patrick Fairweather | 19/04/2014

This 14lb carp was caught in our reservoir by our dispatch managers son – a true sign that our recycled water is clean Fishing is now a sought after benefit at Fairweathers

Fairweather’s Nursery Lean Scheme

By Sharon Lowndes | 06/03/2014

Having a good tidy up.. Over eight years ago we were one of the first nurseries in the country to take part in working with Neil Fedden on a pilot scheme in improving operations on the nursery through Lean. It is always good to re-visit and re-assess systems so some of our team are studying…

Picture labels

By Sharon Lowndes | 06/03/2014

New look labels for 2014 We decided last year that it was time to revamp our labels. Having shown several designs at our open day and at trade shows last year the new design was chosen and we have been busy amending all our labels. These labels will start to be dispatched out with our…

Polytunnel washing line.

Fleecing for the winter.

By Sharon Lowndes | 03/12/2013

Its that time of year when we have fun with fleecing. This year the team have put up washing lines to dry it out. Let us know how you best fleece your plants during the winter. Email me on with your ideas.

Lavandula a. 'Little Lady'

Lavandula Little Lady

By Shaun Bowen | 12/11/2013

Are you after a hardy compact lavender? Look no further than Little Lady. With her masses of clear light-Blue flowers she will only reach 40cm in 5 years. Even though smaller in size, she still fills a pot nicely and is just as fragrant. If you have customers asking for a Lavender that creates a low hedge or to edge a…

Geum 'Totally Tangerine'

Geum Totally Tangerine

By Shaun Bowen | 12/11/2013

Want to add a splash of colour to your range? How about trying Geums? This Genus has become a very popular garden plant over the past couple of years as a great all-rounder, happily growing in any conditions. One particular variety caught our eye – Geum Totally Tangerine. Introduced by Hardy’s Cottage Plants and launched at Chelsea Flower Show in 2010, Totally Tangerine’s main…

Old Catalogue - Cover

A step back in time.

By Shaun Bowen | 01/11/2013

As proof of our established history we’ve found an old catalogue from 1965! Back then the Nursery and Garden Centre were a combined business, selling bare-root plants direct from the ground. Have a look at the scans on this page for an intriguing comparison to our modern facilities and services.