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Which Gardening review

Great reviews in Aprils copy of Which Gardening

We often send in new plants to be trialled at the three Which Gardening trial grounds across the country. We believe it to be great way to get our plants out there and help publicize for our customers through a retail magazine.

This months copy  of Which Gardening has three of our range in Best buys for new plants

Gaura Pink Panache

   Gaura Pink Panache

Scabiosa kudo

          Scabiosa Kudo

Lavandula Heavenly Scent

   Lavandula Heavenly Scent

Lets Twist and shout!

Agapanthus Twister from Fair weather'sAgapanthus Twister

Agapanthus ‘Twister’ is deciduous, hardy and bi-colour. It’s a great addition to any Agapanthus range or as a stand-alone product. Bred by Andy de Wet in South Africa, this unique Agapanthus is the first to market that is deciduous and bi-colour. Twister has big, full, prolific, bright flowers and its hardiness means it can be planted in a garden border or as a stunning patio centrepiece. Twister is available as 9cm from August 2015. We also offer a 6cm. Jumbo plug for orders over 500 placed by late April. Contact sharon@fairweathers.co.uk