Trollius Dancing Flame at Chelsea

Patrick Fairweather was at Chelsea Flower Show with our new Trollius ‘Dancing Flame’

Trollius dancing Flame Trollius Dancing Flame Trollius 'Dancing Flame'

Bred by Patrick Fairweather, Trollius Dancing Flame is a stunning deciduous perennial being launched at the Chelsea Flower Show 2014.

It has large, bright orange flowers with striking upright inner petals that appear to glow in the sunlight. It enjoys sun and thrives in moist soils.

There are around 30 different species of Trollius, native to stream banks and wet meadows in the mountains of Europe, Northern Asia and North America.

This is a truly hardy perennial that will brighten up the dullest of gardens.

UPDATE: Trollius Dancing Flame qualified in the top 20 for ‘Plant of the Year’.