Fairweather’s is one of the largest and most experienced growers and suppliers of wholesale Agapanthus plants in Europe.

We offer over 40 cultivars in our wholesale range, many of which have been selected for introduction by us through our partnership with international breeders.

Our main production is in 9cm containers, which are ideally suited to being potted into 2/3litre pots, but we are also able to offer 3cm and 6cm plugs on request. All of our non-variegated cultivars are produced from micro propagation ensuring uniformity and vigour.

We are happy to share our knowledge of growing Agapanthus commercially.  Please contact us with any questions.  Agapanthus are relatively free of pests and diseases, however to advice on the control of Agapanthus Gall Midge click here.

All new introductions produce flowers 1 year after potting a 9cm liner- please refer to our catalogue for further details of the entire Agapanthus range. All plants are supplied with bespoke colour stick labels which are included in the price, unless the customer requests no labels, in which case the price is reduced by 5p per plant.

View our Agapanthus range: